Thinkware Hardwire Cable F790

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  • Hardwire cable
  • 2.5 metre length
  • Fused connections
  • Required for “Parking Mode”
  • Compatible Models:
  • F790
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The Thinkware hardwire cable connects your Thinkware dashcam to the vehicle’s electrical system providing a neater and permanent connection – no more messing around with cigarette lighter sockets.

Hardwire cable is fused on the permanent 12V and Acc connections. Cable is 3 metres in length.

Compatible with the F790 ONLY

This cable enables Parking Mode on your Thinkware dashcam allowing the dashcam to be set to stay recording even when the vehicle is parked.

The power module in the Thinkware dashcam will also monitor battery voltage and turn off the dashcam when the voltage gets too low (power off voltage set in the Thinkware App for all WiFi enabled models. Non-WiFi units are set with the Thinkware Dashcam Viewer programme on your PC / Mac). This is to ensure that the vehicle battery will not go flat and that you can still start your vehicle.

Model No. F790hardwire

We recommend having a professional install your dash cam power cable. Cable must not be routed across airbags or their deployment zone.



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