OBD Installation Cable for Thinkware

£29.95 Ex-VAT £24.96

  • ODB Power cable
  • Connects to vehicle
    diagnostic port
  • Simple Installation
  • 3 metre power cable
  • Fused connection
  • Enables “Parking Mode”
  • Compatible Models:
  • F50, F70, F100, F200
  • F750, F770, F800 Pro, Q800 Pro
  • X300, X330, X350, X500, X550, X700
  • U1000
  • All other Thinkware dashcams
    EXCEPT F790 and F550


The OBD II power cable will allow the installation of a Thinkware Dash Cam into any vehicle with an OBD II diagnostic port.
Compatible with all Thinkware dashcams except the F790 and F550.

Useful for a non-damaging installation or temporary installation – no wire cutting is necessary.

The kit was designed to simplify installation and ensure seamless integration for enabling the built-in Parking Mode in your Thinkware Dash Cam.

Professional installation without Hardwiring – the OBD cable is a Thinkware approved cable for installing your dashcam. As no physical Hardwiring in necessary, this method should allow for a simple installation by plugging directly into your OBD diagnostic port.

Activates parking Mode – The OBD cable allows the activation of the Thinkware dashcam parking Mode. Parking Mode commences after a delay of after 2.5 minutes to allow for vehicles with stop/start technology.

When mounting the kit the wiring MUST be cable tied as the diagnostic ports are normally located in the driver’s footwell. Cables MUST NOT be allowed to interfere with the safe operation of the vehicle. It is the installer’s responsibility to guarantee safe operation of the vehicle.
When running the power cable to the Thinkware dashcam the wiring must not be allowed to interfere with the operation of curtain or A-Pillar airbags. The wiring must NOT be run along the door seals and MUST be cable tied to the wiring harness running up the A-Pillar behind the trim.
Rear camera wiring must also NOT be run across top of door rubber seals – these are side impact airbag deployment zones.

If in doubt seek professional installer advice / fitting

Note: This product is not compatible with the Thinkware iVolt Mini External Battery or the Thinkware F790 and F550 dashcams.

This ODB cable replaces the Thinkware HWK-TW01, which is no longer available.



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