JCK29-000 – Patch Lead for Chinese units

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Patch Lead for JCK29-6XX and JCK29-7XX Series Steering Wheel Interface

  • Compatible with Chinese headunits with Key1, Key2 inputs
  • Compatible with analogue steering wheel inputs
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2 wire Chinese steering wheel control input patch lead for 29-XXX series steering control interfaces

Adapter lead to pair a JCK29-6XX or JCK29-7XX series stalk control interface to the steering wheel remote input of a Chinese branded or unbranded aftermarket radio upgrade. Suitable for Xtrons, Eonon, Pumpkin and Joying brand stereos and more.

This short adapter lead connects the JCK29- series interface box to the steering wheel remote input on the back of a Chinese branded or unbranded radio that has resistive steering control input wires. The steering remote input on the radio is usually labelled “SWC1, SWC2 and SWC GND, or KEY1, KEY2, KEY GND”, it will be three loose wires, see the instructions supplied with the radio for more information. Suitable for single DIN and double DIN car radio head units.

You will need to see the manufacturer’s data regarding programming the steering wheel controls via an App on the Chinese stereo.



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