JCK20-270 – Active Adaptor 4 Channel Adjustable ISO to ISO Amplifier Interface BOSE

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  • Active Adaptor
  • Reduces level to amplifier
  • 4 Channel
  • Output level adjustment
  • Compatible with Audi Bose amplifier
  • 20 pin Mini ISO Speaker Connections
  • Remote In/Out wire
  • 8 pin ISO Power Connections
  • Reduces audio level to amplifier
  • Prevents whine and hum
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Used to install a new radio in a car that has an original fit amplifier that takes a pre-amplified audio feed.

This interface converts the high level audio output of a new head unit to a low level pre-amplified signal which will work with an amplifier.
4 adjustable channels for optimum audio quality, it has a built in ground loop isolator and filters to get the best sound from the amplifier.

This interface is suitable for the Audi A3, 8P and Audi A4, B7 with Bose sound systems (fully amplified).

Always ensure that you connect the remote turn on wire from the new aftermarket radio to the Blue / white wire on this interface



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